27/07/2019 July 28th, 2019

Get to know more Chus & Ceballos – House Nominees

Meet the spanish duo through their influences and memories. All freshly delivered with a Bonus Chart! And don’t miss the chance to vote for your favorite DJ in each of the 14 categories. Voting ends this sunday at midnight. Hurry up music lover!

Chus & Ceballos are those kinds of artists you want to befriend with and pop up at a party going out of their crazy motorbikes, hairs in the wind, cool vinyl from the 80’s running in the background, and cotillons!

This 20 years anniversary Duo from Madrid is definitely one you will not miss this summer. Tonight and soundwaves in Portugal / The Masquerade 12.08 hosted by International DJ nominee: Claptone at Pacha, Ibiza. Check out their tour dates.

Exclusive interview

What’s your playlist look like when you’re flying to a gig?

Chus: There is always a fully loaded folder of promos to check it out over the flight, my special playlist with classics, a bundle of ‘you-never-go-wrong-with’ acapellas, a selection of sexy beats for the ladies smile in front of the DJ booth and a solid folder of groovy-driving-techy tracks to put everyone dancing their asses off!

Pablo: I try to imagine what is going to happen during that night and make a playlist with no more than 100 tracks, I always try to make a balance between new and old tracks, I have a separate folder with the new promos and new tracks to test, in case that I want to play something that is not in that playlist, I have labels and folders to find my music for styles and moods, classics, closing tracks, etc.

What is the last artist that you discovered?

C&C: Pablo Inzunza from Chile, he has an amazing sense of groove and is very original in the way he produce, check it out!

What’s your favorite wind-down spot in Ibiza?

Chus: La Escollera is one of my all times favorite spots for a delicious and no-rush meal with family and friends and a real siesta right after on the beach till sun goes down.

Pablo: The North of the Island is very unique and relaxing, the charming Cala Xarraca is one of my favorite spots there.

Can you tell us one thing that no one knows about you?

Chus: I’m a very emotional and sensitive person, I cry so easily.

Ceballos: I have an endless patience with the people I love, I am a loyal friend and you will get everything from me if you start a conversation with a smile.

What is the first vinyl, CD or track you bought?

Chus: I believe that was a 12″ inches vinyl record of ‘Art of Noise – Moment in Love’ that actually I had to bought it twice cause I was listening over and over and end up totally scratched.

Pablo: My first album was ‘Jean Michelle Jarre – Rendez Vous’ I was 12 years old, new-age symphonic electronic music, a real visionary super popular on the 80’s.

Do you have a 2019 Track of the Season?

Chus: there is a few tracks that are working very well on our dj sets, Roberto Surace ‘Joys’ is one of them for sure and our remix for the Michael Flume’s classic ‘Agolele’ is another one that always put everybody in the right mood!

Have you or are you in the way to adopt the eco-rider?

Chus: the cause against plastic is more than a campaign, has to be something to fight for every single day of our lives, it’s never too late if we take action right now and it’s for the good of our planet, our lives, and our children.

Pablo: Yes we are working on it, we electronic music artists need to get involved on social campaigns and use our voice for good causes.

Is there a track you’ve always wanted to remix?

Chus: They are not easy songs to remix but I would love to put my hands on Lionel Richie ‘All Night Long’ or Chaka Kahn ‘Ain’t Nobody’.

Pablo: Any track from Depeche Mode, I’m a super fan.

You always wanted to do a back to back with?

Chus: Danny Tenaglia, he is the most amazing DJ I ever heard in my life and the most influential artist of my career by far.

Pablo: Carl Cox, I love his energy, his charisma and his big smile.

Which producer would you queue in the rain for, to get their releases?

Chus: Britains are in a sweet moment right now, artists like Ronnie Spiteri, Jansons, Senzala or Darius Syrossian are putting out such an amazing releases, in love with their work.

Pablo: Dennis Ferrer, Emanuel Satie or Huxley, everything they do is gold!

Apart from music, what is your hobby?

Chus: I Love to go to the theatre with my wife, any kind of comedy, musical or broadway show is more than welcome and I love to go to the cinema with my daughter, we love action, drama, love or terror movies, it’s our little private moment to be together and cry or scream without control!

Pablo: Everything on a motorbike is much better and I love to get lost in nature.

Favourite movie, tv show or Netflix soundtrack?

Chus: I’m addicted to Strangers Things and the soundtrack is amazing.

Ceballos: My favourite movie is called ‘Big Blue’ from Luc Besson, (1988) about the sea and diving, the fantastic original soundtrack, the photography and the mystery of the characters, hypnotize me every time I watch it.

The first memory you have of music is?

Chus: My father playing vinyl records at our living room, Donna Summer, Earth Wind and Fire, The Beatles or Cerrone to name but a few.

Pablo: My older sister playing Pop of the 80’s in our stereo boombox at home.

You’re a secret fan of?

Chus: Rosalia, she represents the authenticity, the meaning of real fusion and the leader of break the rules to succeed!

Pablo: Moderat from Berlin, best electronic band in the last decade, in my opinion.

Could you give us a DJ Tip for Newcomer DJs?

Chus: spend all your time doing what you love, do not listen to other people’s advice, just listen to your heart, trust your instincts, fight for your dreams.

Pablo: Be yourself, find your own path, evolve, grow but don’t imitate.

Bonus Chart

Let’s discover House Nominees Chus & Ceballos influences via a dedicated and exclusive Beatport Chart, we invite you to listen to it at anytime of your day!