With a string of big hits under his belt this year including a beatport #1, Emanuel Satie is a deserving winner of the Producer award. The in demand producer and live act gave us a bit of an insight into what inspires him and what he’s got going on.

Hi Emanuel, congratulations on your winning the Producer award and thank you for taking some time to chat.

Winning such an award recognises that you’ve had a great year.  Looking back over the last 12 months, what have been your own personal highlights?

Thanks guys. Yes it’s been a crazy year.  It started with a #1 on Beatport with my I Get Deep edit, continued with the big success of come as you are with a #2 on tech house and plays by the biggest names in the game. Also, my record on Knee Deep and my remix for Riva Starr were doing quite well. It’s incredible to get so much support for my music, I’m very thankful for it. Building on that I went on tour more and more, my first

Australia tour, Argentina tour, gigs in some of my favourite clubs like Space, Pacha, Watergate, Revolver etc. and of course everything was topped by receiving the award for best producer. What a moment that was.

Your output as a producer is phenomenal. How do you keep thing fresh and continue coming up with original content?

I try to take inspiration from all kinds of music and don’t just copy the last big hit in my genre. I listen to a lot of older but timeless house and techno and also experimental music. Usually this leads to ideas that are a bit different and stand out, the challenge is then to make them work in a club context.  The best idea doesn’t help you if no one can play it. In general I feel the tricky thing about house and techno is that you can’t be too different to what everyone else does, otherwise you don’t fit in any set, you need to follow a certain formula, but at the same time you want to be different enough to stand out, getting that balance right is something I put a lot of thought into. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s always exciting to discover new talent, is there any producer or DJ that you can recommend us to keep an eye on for the future?

I keep mentioning Luca Donzelli & Mar-T. For me they put together some of the freshest grooves out there at the moment. Outstrip are also two guys that I really enjoy since a couple years that deserve more attention. Just perfect grooves. Yotam Avni is another one, he always finds a great balance between interesting, innovative ideas and functionality.

On the remix front you’ve been busy too, most recently with Riva Starr, Mar T and Luca Donzelli and an upcoming one for Flashmob.  How does the creative process differ in this regard and are there any exciting new collaborations in the works?

Remix wise I always transform the original material into something I would play in my sets. Sometimes that means just keeping the original idea intact, but giving it a different groove and arrangement, sometimes I change things up drastically and use the original stems as samples to build something completely new. Right now I’m working on remixes for Matthias Tanzmann and Black Coffee, which I am really excited about.

You’re living in Berlin, a city that truly embraces electronic music, how has the city influenced your musical development and what make the vibe there so special?

Since I’m in Berlin I have a proper studio, it’s in a loft with a couple other studos in Kreuzberg. The last 2 years we managed to build a real community there, where everyone helps each other out and we are all friends and have a laugh together. DJ T, Ben Rau from Fuse, Black Loops and many others are part of the family. that changed a lot, not working on your own in your little cave all day. In general I’d say that’s what makes Berlin special, the scene is big, so you have a lot of like minded people around that support each other and enjoy the journey together.

We’ve heard that you were once an intern at Cocoon, can you tell us about that?

Oh yeah, that was when I was 22 maybe and it was one of the most important 6 months of my life. I was an intern for the record company, but I also helped out a lot in marketing and of course got to hang out with the events and booking teams too. It’s where I started to understand how this business works. I learnt a lot. Most importantly though, being surrounded by pros all day I adopted their mindset and I took things much more seriously after that. In fact after I finished the internship I quit all my jobs and never went to university again and really gave all my time and energy to the music. So thanks a lot Cocoon.

Gig wise you’ve been spreading you wings and playing further afield lately. It’s always nice to travel and discover new places. Is there anywhere off the beaten track that you particularly enjoyed?

I mentioned my highlights this year already, but I was totally surprised by Tasmania during my Australia tour this summer. It’s an island without any big cities and the party was on a Sunday, so I didn’t actually expect much. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the tour, with a great crowd and concept. Shout outs to “Our House“.

You recently played at The Egg in London for DJ Mag’s 25th Anniversary alongside Pete Tong and Cristoph. How was it and why do you think their annual Top 100 poll is so far removed for their usual identity?

I absolutely loved it. It was the first time I met Pete Tong, who’s a big supporter of my music for a while now, and took over after his set at 5 in the morning. The room stayed packed and buzzing until around 7 when I had to stop. I love playing later sets, as you get to play those special records that you can’t play at peak time. the magic often happens in the later hours for me.

Regarding their poll, to be honest, I don’t really focus on that, but I would say that if someone with a huge fanbase like Martin Garrix asks their followers to participate in a poll, It’s quite natural that he receives more votes than someone from the underground with a relatively smaller fanbase. So I don’t really see why people think it’s controversial. Do I agree with the rankings though? Of course not.

With a hectic summer and ADE out of the way, what does the future hold for you?

Tourwise, I got a lot of exciting gigs coming up. We got a little South America tour in December, as well as an Asia tour in planning, I will also play my debuts at super clubs and promoters like Fabrik in Madrid, Shindig in Newcastle and Eastern Electrics in London. A lot more to be announced too. Music wise I have an EP coming up on Moon Harbour and I’m working on projects for Truesoul, Saved and Eats Everything’s new label Edible. So yeah, really excited about the near future.

The future looks bright, thanks for your time!

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