DJ Awards recently caught up with winner of the Newcomer category, Mihalis Safras. 2016 has been a big year both musically and personally for the Greek vinyl hero and we found him in good form, his cheerful disposition and positivity are infectious.

Congratulations on your winning the Newcomer award.

The newcomer category has been a really strong this year. Who would you have voted for if you weren’t nominated and is there any new talent we should be looking at for next year?

Hands down my fellow Greek, Detlef. He had a great year and I think the next months he will reveal more of his talent.  As of newcoming talents the next years I would say Solc and Czizak.

You’ve had a fantastic year with some great releases and busy touring schedule.  What have been the highlights?

Highlight of the year has been the Safras junior.  But if you ask

Diginights - Robert Szczechowiak

regarding my career, winning at DJAwards was definitely a highlight but I would be very optimistic and say that we have yet 3 more months until end of year so watch out.

What have been the tracks that have been getting the biggest reaction on the dance floor for you?

Definitely my remix for Marco Carola has been a highlight.  Also many of my labels release (Material) do get some hands up.

You’re a vinyl purist, what do you enjoy most about this approach and does it place any limitations on what you can play?

I am in love with vinyl spinning, not only a vinyl jockey.  My collection already expanding to 20K and I could never see myself DJing with any other format. The feeling of touching music is something I love.  Off course there are difficulties as many clubs do not have a proper booth for turntables and not everything you want is released on wax.  Either way for everything there is a solution and in my case it’s: Vinyl Carvers and special feet for turntables.  The best part is that new age clubbers see a DJ spinning vinyls and they are excited, same as me.

The electronic music scene is constantly evolving and changing.  What are some of the current trends that you find interesting?

It has always been like that, that is the best part in music that you do not know what to expect and that genres keep evolving.  Off course sometimes past does some visits, as for example I feel disco is coming back in productions.  Can’t wait to listen my next remix for Lee Foss and see what I mean.

You recently became a father, how do mange to juggle such a busy schedule with family life?

I don’t!  It’s been crazy as you can imagine all that babies want is hugs, so I wish I could be an octopus so I could do all things I wanted with a baby in arms. Wife helps in that situation (so that’s a lesson why people should never divorce haha).

With the summer season behind us, what does the future hold for Mihalis Safras?

Well so far it has been an amazing year with my nomination at IDMA and winning the DJ Awards.  The good thing is that I had already produced so much in studio that I have made my release plan till mid 2017 so I will try and rest as much as possible with the family, eating some souvlaki.

Gigs-wise I will be touring in Brazil, Argentina the very next weeks so no sleep for Safras.

We’ve not forgotten that you said that if you won this award you would shave off your beard. When are we going to see a fresh faced Mihalis?

Bloody you!  I know imagine that when I left Pacha after ceremony there were some people outside saying and laughing that they wait to see my shaved beard face! Argh! The very next days the photo is about to be posted haha!  And no photoshop huh … 🙂