31/08/2019 September 7th, 2019

The Unexpected Butch – Insider to the Deep Tech nominee + Beatport Chart

Discover more about the German Producer in this exclusive interview.

What’s your playlist look like when you’re flying to a gig?

I don’t have a playlist. I spontaneously decide what to play, because every tune has its time and place. A DJ never really knows when and where that is, until he’s in that moment. Some tracks actually have to wait for years until they get played, but when the time is right, when the time has come to play a specific track at a specific time, that is when the moments are magical.

What is the last artist that you discovered?

S.A.M aka Samuel Madsen. Really worth listening to. His album “Dream State of a Bellmaker” is beautiful.

What is your favorite down spot in Ibiza?

Cala Xuclar is basically paradise. I go there with my family, we swim in the water, go rock jumping, the water is crystal clear, drink excellent cocktails and eat freshly caught fish. Plus the people there are beautiful and awesome. It’s magical there.

Can you tell us one thing that no one knows about you?

Only people who have seen me take off my trousers know this. It is one of the best guarded secrets in the music industry, but this time, exclusively for the DJ Awards I will let the world know the scary truth: I never wear any underwear.

What is the first vinyl/CD/Track you bought?

I wasn’t even 10 years old when I bought my first record, which was a release by the wholesome and upstanding 2 Live Crew. I just watched a video of them performing to a really square TV audience, I had to laugh so much: it’s so weird. Things really have changed since the late 80s. Google “Donahue 2 live crew the funk shop” and you’ll know what I mean! My first record to DJ with was “Funk Phenomena” by the legendary Armand Van Helden.

Do you have a 2019 Track of the Season?

Yes, Butch & C. Vogt’s new release “Desire” coming soon on Running Back.

Have you or are you in the way to adopt the eco-rider?

Yes we’re working with my team to make sure my rider is up to date and make promoters/owners aware of what they are supplying in their clubs and how green they can be. It’s obviously harder in some countries but it’s good to make everyone think about how they can improve.

Is there a track you’ve always wanted to remix?

I have remixed every tune I ever wanted to – with or without permission. But you never know, there will be more songs coming out which I will be excited to remix, or maybe I will stumble across some cool, old tune I haven’t heard yet which will prompt me to make a remix. But right now, nothing comes to mind.

You always wanted to do a back to back with?

All the DJs I have played back to back with… I have no unfulfilled wishes here either.

Which producer would you queue in the rain for, to get their releases?

.A.M. Seriously, that guy is making great fucking music, his album is a must-listen for anyone into deep and dope electronic music.

Apart from music, what is your hobby?

I love gardening and cars.

Favorite movie, tv show or Netflix soundtrack?

Breaking Bad is legendary, I really love it.

The first memory you have of music is?

I don’t have one specific one that sticks out, music has simply always surrounded me when I was growing up. It somehow always seemed to be there, everything we did, all the friends I spent time with, basically music was playing non-stop.

You’re a secret fan of?

Many people will think I’m bullshitting, but it’s actually true: I am a secret fan of David Guetta, no joke. He has made a shitload of hits and he is actually a good DJ for his genre. I really respect his accomplishments.

Could you give us a DJ Tip for Newcomer DJs?

Develop a good work ethic: you have to work hard and be aware that it is not enough to simply be a good DJ. Nowadays many factors such as social media play into being successful. There are more good DJs, who are unknown, than well-known DJs, so you have to stand out. To do that you need to find what makes you unique and then make stuff for exactly those people who love and need that. And then you need to get it to those people. As I said, it’s a lot of hard work. If you choose that route, have fun while you are doing it.

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