23/11/2020 November 25th, 2020

Talking Loud Ibiza Podcast – Guest: DJ Awards Founder, Jose Pascual

Kicking off the first episode of our podcast Talking Loud Ibiza, presented by the DJ Awards, where we get meet up with people from all around the world who are now living and working on the White Isle.

This week’s guest is responsible for creating the DJ Awards back in 1998 – Jose Pascual.

Born in Barcelona, he has become a legendary figure noted for organising ground-breaking events. At 18 he went travelling in a car from Barcelona to Mumbai. He settled in New York, where he opened an art gallery, buying and selling Latin American art. His awareness of electronic music came when he first saw a MOOG synthesizer, shown by some Colombian musicians called Elkin and Nelson.

After settling down in Ibiza in the 70’s, he saw first-hand how the DJ’s were evolving to a new electronic sound and launched the first edition of the DJ Awards. 23 years later, the event continues to grow, delighting millions of fans all over the world, whilst celebrating those who make up the electronic music scene.

Presented by DJ Awards Director, Jasmine Elias together with Ryan Be, and Julia Charlton, the outcome (we hope!), will be funny, provocative, and empowering!

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