03/08/2019 August 9th, 2019

Meet Henry Saiz Progressive House nominee and Madrid native DJ / Producer

What’s your playlist look like when you’re flying to a gig?

It can have pretty much everything, from Ariana Grande or Travis Scott to the most experimental electronic music, I enjoy and consume almost any kind of music.

What is the last artist that you discovered?

I’m constantly discovering new artists!

What’s your favorite wind-down spot in Ibiza?

My friends Eloy villa in San José.

Can you tell us one thing that no one knows about you?

I don’t think I hide any big secret but some people don’t know I also write music for Pop/Urban artists.

What is the first vinyl / CD / track you bought?

I think it was an Ace of Base cd lol or maybe Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’, not sure.

Do you have a 2019 Track of the Season?

So much good stuff out, one of my favorites so far is four tet’s aka.

Is there a track you’ve always wanted to remix?

Pink Floyd’s “Time” probably my favorite song ever.

You always wanted to do a back to back with?

James Holden.

Which producer would you queue in the rain for, to get their releases?

Max Martin.

Apart from music, what is your hobby?

I’m a passionate Cannabis activist so I just love that world, Psychology, History, Science, Nature, Cats, Aquascaping, Art in general, enjoying time with my friends and family.

Favorite movie, tv show or Netflix soundtrack?

I have many! Lately I’m watching and enjoying “Happy”, “Chernobyl”, “American Gods” and the documentary series “Our planet, one strange rock”.

The first memory you have of music is?

The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

You’re a secret fan of?

If I love something I don’t keep it secret :)

Could you give us a DJ Tip for Newcomer DJs?

Don’t be obsessed with fame and be yourself.

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