Moritz Mello won the 6th edition of Bedroom DJ Competition on 2016, He grew up in Manheim, Germany before moving to Surrey in the UK where is based. He is the archetype of a Bedroom DJ, having started DJing only a couple of years ago. This 2017 has been a very busy year for Moritz…

Moritz… It’s been nearly one year since you won the 6th edition DJ Awards – Bedroom Competition in Ibiza. What did it mean for you to win?

First of all it was a huge surprise, I only really started Dj’ing at home a few months before hand and at the time was preparing myself for my first ever gig in a small local bar near where I live, which to me was a huge deal, like everyones first gig I suppose, so to then get the call from you guys informing me that I’d be playing at Cafe Mambo and the DJ Awards press reception, do the masterclass with Doorly and all the rest was absolutely crazy, I couldn’t believe it when I got the call to be honest, I still can’t!


One of the prizes was a masterclass with Doorly, how did you feel with the experience?

Honestly you guys couldn’t have picked a better mentor for the Masterclass, I’ve never had a lesson or someone to point me in the right direction so I was ridiculously nervous, we had a quick chat at the start and he realised that I was pretty much right at the beginning with my DJ’ing, experience and skill wise, so we went over some of the basics, then moved onto using effects and just generally preparing me for my set at cafe mambos which was later on that evening, he gave me a lot of really important tips and advice, technically and just in general for my career, really learned a lot from him, not just at the masterclass to be fair, we’ve been keeping in touch quite a lot, and had the chance to be on the line up and support him for the first time a couple of months ago at Thirty3hz Guildford.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is entering the Bedroom DJ Competition 7th edition?

One thing I’ve learned from Doorly and the Competition last year is to really be as creative as you can be with your sets, whether thats recording a mix or playing out, use the 30 minutes you’ve got, to really express your own unique sound with your track selection but at the same time be as creative as you can be with it, using acapellas, effects etc.

What is your musical style when you are DJing?

I feel like in the last 5-6 months ive really started to find my own sound, I think learning and starting to produce my own music played a big part in that, I feel passionate about trying to create my own unique space sound wise, I’ve always loved techno, and when I started Dj’ing I always knew thats where I wanted to end up with my sound, I love gripping and almost euphoric melodies, but at the same time also keeping it in balance with the more energetic side of techno.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

My dad has been and still is a big influence on me musically, I’ve always been around his music, I started playing piano from a young age, I think thats where the melodic side of things come from really. In General I can’t stop listening to Stephan Bodzin at the moment and watching his live sets, they’re absolutely incredible, as well as the likes of Reinier Zonneveld and Oliver Koletzki, I’ve been a big fan of Oc & Verde’s music and had the chance to support them earlier on in the year, they’ve been giving me a lot sound advice and have learned a lot from them since then.

Since the Bedroom DJ Competition, you have not stopped working, tell us what you’ve been up to?

Its been a pretty mental and busy period and a massive learning curve but at the same time probably the best year-ish of my life, I’ve been Dj’ing pretty much every weekend since I’ve come back from the competition, which is exactly what I needed to gain as much experience as possible, towards the end of last year I was approached by a new London based brand called Konflict who offered me to join them as one of they’re 2 residents, since then we’ve hosted events all over London, at venues including EGG London, Cuckoo Club and W Hotel London, and are now getting ready for our first event in Ibiza at the end of the month, where we partner up with Cirque de la Nuit Boat Party’s.

More importantly the last 5 months in particular I’ve really been getting my head down and making progress on the production side, building my own studio here at home, and finishing my first track a couple of weeks ago, aiming for my first EP release towards the end of the year.

If you could chose which party you’d like to play at in Ibiza, which would it be and why?

No doubt Solomun +1, its actually a bit of a dream or goal to be that +1 one day, me and my friends are huge Solomun fans and I really look up to him personally, I love the concept of the party itself and the vibe he always creates, we’ve seen him so many times now but one of my all time party highlights has got to be going to Solomun +1 with Joseph Capriati after spending the day at the Space Closing Party last summer.

Finally, we know that you´re a big fan of Ibiza, and have been back here frequently over the last years, and have a boat party lined up later on this month, Which are your favourite nights on the island?

It’s quite funny I actually used to sell tickets for CDLN last summer, which I wasn’t very good at by the way, before I really started learning how to DJ, so to come back this year with Konflict and DJ on the boat alongside Lee the other Konflict resident is going to be real highlight.

There are so many unbelievable nights on the island, Carl Cox’s nights at space last summer, Afterlife, Solomon +1, Cocoon etc. and always love going to Sankeys, going to Space was always pretty special, so I’m really looking forward to checking out Hï for the first time next week.