Jason… It’s been nearly two years since you won the 5th edition DJ Awards Bedroom Competition.

Do you remember how did you felt when you heard you were the winner?

It was a very sureal feeling, as this was on a global scale it kind of blew me away to have won, I was like “Wow! The amount of people all around the world who entered this and I’ve won it outright” Proud would be an understatement, I’ve always been confident in my craft and then winning like that gave me an extra boost.

How did winning the competition change your DJ career?

I’ve had a lot more bookings and gained 2 residencies here in Cork City, Winning was the PUSH I needed, it reassured me even more what I was doing was top quality and it gave me the drive to go even further to where I am now and I’m not finished yet, I haven’t come this far to just come this far

What have you been doing since you won?

So since winning I’ve had the drive to further what I Love to do, from playing at festivals , clubs and holding down residencies here it became more apparent for me to make the Jump into production,

I started off going it alone until through a mutual friend I met Kian Mc who is an established producer and from talking it was apparent we had the same interests and goals so we decided to start working together and formed a duo Called ‘Natural Angle’ since the beginning of 2017 and in that short time we’ve had releases of our music out. Everybody report ep which includes a track called “to the beat” that’s been played and supported by Solardo! The release is on Lefty Shades Records (a label also set up by myself and kian) quick plug! (Demos to leftyshades@gmail.com) and also signed to Flashmob Records with our track ‘we say back’ that was released sept 15th, up to now we’ve a lot of tracks ready to go out to labels, exciting times!

If you could have a masterclass with one of the Awards 2017 nominees who would you choose?

Well because I’ve moved into production I would have to say Kink, the man’s live performances are second to none… but putting the live perfomance aside i would say Jackmaster, his music selection is unrivalled.

If you could give one piece of advice to the new Bedroom DJ Competition winner, before the masterclass, would it be?

Take everything in and really listen in the masterclass and don’t be shy to ask questions, it’s a fantastic opportunity so take as much as you can from it.

Finally, we know that you really like Ibiza, you already played at places like Cafe Mambo, Kanya Beach Club, Mumack Beach Club and Bora Bora… Can you tell us which are your favourite nights on the island?

It would have to be Elrow, those parties are insane!