12/08/2019 August 16th, 2019

DJ Awards “Plastic No More” Ibiza clean-up

DJ Awards organized a clean-up in Ibiza, in support of this year’s theme of Plastic No More, which took place on Friday 9th August.

DJ Awards was joined by a host of event partners, including eco partner Oceanic Global, and Ibiza Preservation Foundation, Casita Verde, Ibiza Limpia, Plastic Free Ibiza, The Nature Project, Café Mambo Ibiza, Billboard Italia, Ocko TV, Epic TV, Essential Ibiza, Ibiza Film Crew, Float Your Boat Ibiza, Igersibiza with support from Woomoon and Storytellers.

Each year, Ibiza attracts thousands of excited tourists and ravers to its vibrant music scene and tranquil shores. However, it seems more recently, the sun sets on a shocking amount of abandoned litter that is killing the creatures in our oceans and disrupting our planet beyond comprehension. Change is more crucial than ever!

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