05/06/2019 June 14th, 2019

DJ Awards 22nd edition: Plastic No More

DJ Awards 22nd edition has confirmed plans for its first ever “Plastic No More” themed awards, which will take place in September 2019.

One day we hope that there will be no plastic in our oceans, or on our land. But for now, we want to add our voice to empower everyone working in the music industry, to take a small step by eliminating single-use plastic.

Artists, DJ’S, Producer, and Electronic Music industry are creating an alliance around eliminating single use plastic. Together with organisations including Oceanic Global Foundation we hope to connect ideas and initiatives to the industry to deliver this positive message of a plastic free and clean earth. Music always brings people together, this time is no different!

DJ Awards filmed at the 2019 International Music Summit, talking to some of the industry’s key players on taking action.